How to 'fix' my grade

As the term nears the end, students often 'suddenly' realize that their grade is not exactly what they hoped it would be. Invariably, the question is asked, "What can I do to raise my grade?"

Well, at this point the options are limited.

Grades are supposed to be a reflection of learning and (possibly to some extent) effort. Grades also tend to reflect things like character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. For example, did you ensure that you were in class on time, ready to go for each class? How well did you pay attention during lessons? Were you sufficiently focused on learning all you could from each lesson? Or did you allow distractions from things like cell phones or friends to get in the way of your learning. Have you mastered the knowledge, skills, and big ideas that were taught this term? Did you spend time reviewing each lesson before the next one? Did you do all assignments on time? Did you ask questions immediately when you did not understand something? Did you take advantage of opportunities to re-submit work or correct/retake tests when available? Did you pay close attention to deadlines, and ensure that everything you submitted was submitted before the deadlines? Take a good, hard look at WHY your grade isn't what you hoped for. Learning success is most often accomplished with a steady, sustained effort.

Different teachers will have different policies & protocols about making up missing work, retaking or correcting tests, or re-submitting low scoring assignments. Don't approach your teacher and ask what you can do to raise your grade. You already know what you need to do. You know which assignments are either missing or have lower scores. Fix any scores that you can still fix. There is usually no extra credit at the end of the term, but there may have been some small extra credit opportunities during the term. The bottom line is, you should do what you can still do at this point, and be satisfied that you did your best, even if your final term grade is lower than you desire. If you did not actually do your best, then be OK with what you EARNED this term, and set a goal to improve next term. Resolve to give a more steady, sustained effort in the future... and then follow through.

Perhaps, rather than asking "What can I do to raise my grade?" the better question would be "Why is my grade NOT what I had hoped for?" Pause for some serious reflection, and make the changes necessary for you to be successful in the future.